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Welcome to Maria's pages

These pages are dedicated to the Cutest Baby EverTM. You can go to her picture gallery or view the videos listed below. To find out the latest news about her, click on her blog link at the bottom of the page.

Videos of Maria

Each video is available in WMV (about 400 KB, Windows Media) or MPG (5 MB, MPEG) versions. Both will play on any Windows computer with Windows Media Player. The MPGs will play on other computers (Mac, Linux, etc.); the WMVs might or might not. I strongly suggest you do not run the videos directly from the site. Instead, right click on the video, select "Save As...", save it to your computer and run it from there.

Uploaded September 23, 2008
Drinking With Grampa WMV | MPG
Hippotherapy WMV | MPG
Music Therapy WMV | MPG
Using Big Mac with OT WMV | MPG
Her #2 Noise WMV | MPG
Getting Vitalstim Therapy WMV | MPG
Walking With the PT WMV | MPG
Uploaded March 18, 2007
Eating corn on the cob WMV | MPG
Note how she turns to Manolis when he talks WMV | MPG
Her rattle barrel - very different than the one from February 2005! WMV | MPG
The physical therapist works on standing WMV | MPG
Playing in the pool with Grandpa Joe WMV | MPG
Helping train a future service dog WMV | MPG
Working with her occupational therapist WMV | MPG
Uploaded July 16, 2006
Maria's Music Video (much larger than the videos below) WMV | MPG
Uploaded May 16, 2006
Hearing her name? WMV (this video is available only as a 3 MB WMV, and it is a bit vertically scrunched)
Uploaded March 24, 2006
Feeding herself WMV | MPG
Uploaded March 21, 2006
Holding her bottle WMV | MPG
Learning to sit up WMV | MPG
Playing with Kijana WMV | MPG
Kijana licking her fingers WMV | MPG
Uploaded October 24, 2005
She can stand...kind of WMV | MPG
Uploaded July 29, 2005
And they say she can't hear... WMV | MPG
Rock and Roll Over WMV | MPG
Uploaded July 22, 2005
Walking in the Water WMV | MPG
Birthday-Blow, Baby! WMV | MPG
Birthday-Getting Help WMV | MPG
Uploaded February 27, 2005
Rattle Barrel WMV | MPG
Uploaded December 22, 2004
Oatmeal, Mango . . . and Garlic??? (the garlic was an accident) WMV | MPG
Uploaded December 15, 2004
Sucking Thumb WMV | MPG
Uploaded July 25, 2004
Tummy Time WMV | MPG
Uploaded July 10, 2004
Washing Her Hair WMV | MPG
Uploaded July 9, 2004
Hiccups WMV | MPG
First Bath WMV | MPG