Hearing aids are not child-safe

Maria has a new trick. Not only can she pull out her hearing aids, she can take them apart. And the pieces are just the perfect size for a kid to choke on. Yet another reason we can’t let her out of our sight.

It looks like she’s going to be getting even more therapy in the future. The PT wants to start coming twice a week and is trying to find time in her schedule. One of the past speech therapists has been asking Cathy if Maria needs feeding therapy (in addition to her normal language-centered speech therapy). Cathy finally realized that she really does. She’s still getting thickened liquids, still drinking from a bottle rather than a sippy cup, and only recently started on chunkier foods. That will probably be only 1-2 times a month.

Maria seems to be figuring out the chewing thing. I watched her with pieces of cookie yesterday and saw her use her tongue to move pieces between her molars to crunch them. She still has trouble from time to time with chunks, but she’s doing really well.

She has gotten more interactive with her environment. She looks for things and people sometimes. She gets better and better with rolling the ball. She might be starting to make some signs. She can make choices between objects. The other day while watching a Baby Einstein video, there was a cardboard sun moving back and forth and Maria waved at it (maybe). She’s so inconsistent with things it’s often hard to tell if she really does something or if it’s coincidence. But, as we keep saying, she’s making progress.

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