Rough Week, Good Week

Maria had a rough time week before last. She pretty much didn’t sleep for several days which means neither did her parents. She didn’t seem in distress – she just didn’t sleep. She’s back on a more normal schedule now. Surprisingly she had no seizures during this period.

She’s started eating cold food. She has always hated cold food even things like ice cream. I’m not sure how we started, but we realized that she’ll now eat cold meals just about as fast as hot ones. That makes it easier to prepare meals plus widens the number of things we can give to her. The speech therapist is happy because cold food stimulates the oral muscles more, waking up her mouth and helping her handle the food better.

Maria has been invited to her first birthday party! When Sue picked her up one day one of the other mothers approached her cautiously, wanting to know if it would be OK to invite Maria. She didn’t know if it would be too much for her or if there would be some other reason she couldn’t attend. Sue assured her it would be fine. Cathy’s going to take her and even Manolis has expressed interest in going.

Her awareness of the surrounding world continues to improve. For example, in the morning she’s often stressed out going to school, hunched over with her thumb in her mouth. However as soon as her friends come running up, she relaxes and the thumb comes out. She’s been babbling more lately, making syllable sounds rather than just “aaah” type noises.

She has a routine neurologist appointment tomorrow and she needs to see her eye doctor soon but I think those are her only doctor visits coming up.

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