Hurricane Maria Leaves Two Injured

So many stories to tell this time.

Maria’s neurologist appointment went fine. Cathy mentioned the Cornelia de Lange and he was skeptical, saying it’s a common knee-jerk diagnosis on kids who have beautiful hair and neurological problems. He said we know that Maria’s problems come from hydrocephalus, although I disagree with him on that. We don’t know it’s the hydrocephalus that causes all of these problems. We suspect it but there is no proof and it could be masking other problems. In the end he said he’d read up more on the condition.

She’s been doing a lot better in the walker. She’s able to move it a bit on her own, although she can’t control direction yet. She tends to go backwards but that’s generally how things progress: the kids push backward because it’s easier but then learn to move forward. We’re very happy with how she’s progressing.

However it’s not all rainbows and unicorns here. Sue had Maria last week and put her on the couch just for a second while she put the blanket on the floor. You know how stories involving kids and the phrase “just for a second” turn out. Maria immediately took a dive for the floor. Sue lunged to catch her, tripped and came down hard on the tile – SNAP! Thankfully, Maria was fine but now Sue was alone with her, nursing a broken elbow. She called Cathy and Cathy came home so Sue’s husband could take her to the emergency room.

At first they said there was a bone chip floating around so they were going to have to do surgery. Then a few days later the doctor said is was just a hairline fracture and she could go back to taking care of Maria in a few days. Since then she has been back at work, lifting Maria and the stroller without problems. We are a little leery she’s pushing herself too hard. She still has that other surgery scheduled for mid-November.

Maria’s developed a couple of bad habits. Her biting has resurfaced and we are all having to be careful. Unfortunately, the aide at school let her attention wander. Maria bit her, broke the skin and she (the aide) had to get a tetanus shot. Cathy was mortified, but the aide was philosophical about it. Maria’s just too cute to get mad at.

Finally, Maria is getting much better at manipulating her environment, occasionally in unpleasant ways. This morning (like 4 am) Manolis went in to check on her. Maria had pooped during the night then pulled off her diaper and rubbed it all over everything. It was that nice soft, liquidy poop too. It was horrific. We’ve all had trouble with her grabbing at her diaper when she’s getting changed. It’s great that she’s curious about her environment, but *eww*. Other fun things she’s learning to do include pulling open the Velcro straps on the stander and screwing off the bottom of her bottle.

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