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Christmas 2008

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Christmas this year was much like Thanksgiving. Quiet and uneventful. Manolis had surgery on his nose (to fix congestion and frequent bloody noses) Tuesday, and he’s still in pretty bad shape. His face is swollen, he’s sore, and he’s not eating much more than soup and other soft foods–kind of like Maria’s diet!

I put a cute red sweater on Maria, surrounded her with gift bags and tried to get some Christmas photos, but she was either sucking her thumb, closing her eyes, or both. Not very cooperative or excited about Santa’s visit… She got some lovely things–clothes, talking bear, singing chicken, books, puzzles, a laughing Santa (her fave). I don’t know if she’s being so low key because she knows her daddy’s not feeling well or what.

Andy mentioned Chris, the off-site OT. The more I go to their office, the more I like it. They have a room they call “the barn”, which has lots of great toys. She really likes the platform swing. Saturday Chris laid her over a bolster to hold up her middle while she was in a crawling position, then she rolled the bolster and moved Maria’s hands to imitate crawling. When we were getting ready to leave, Manolis put her in the ball pit (Maria, not Chris)–I never would have considered doing that. Well she loved it! Fortunately I had my camera and got a few mediocre shots of her, just can’t capture her smile accurately enough. Pretty cute, though.

Tomorrow Uncle Andy’s coming over, I planning to cook a ham; I hope Manolis will be able to eat it. Soup for Christmas dinner was bad enough, it would be a shame for him to miss our day-after Christmas dinner. We (Andy, Maria, and I) are planning to go to NM over the New Year’s weekend, but only if the weather cooperates and Manolis is feeling much better. Uncle George is having an 80th birthday party in March in Omaha, yea, so just another little trip to look forward to!

Taking Breaks From Therapy

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Maria is feeling a lot better. She still has some coughing fits and occasional congestion but she’s back to her old self.

It looks like right after this respiratory episode she had a growth spurt. We are glad we are getting her new AFOs on Friday because her old ones suddenly don’t fit anymore! She can’t even wear them now so she’s getting a two-week break from her braces.

The hippotherapy continues to go well but she’s going to get an unwanted break from that as well. She goes on Fridays but since Christmas and New Year’s fall on Thursday this year, they aren’t opening up on the following Fridays. As though that wasn’t bad enough, there is a bad storm coming in this week that will probably rain them out for this coming Friday so she’ll probably miss three weeks in a row. I’ve said it before – if I win the lottery I’m going to buy them an indoor arena.

Maria has had one session with the new OT and Cathy liked her. I’m going to tag along to the session today. Unlike the other therapists she doesn’t come to the house but the clinic is very close so it’s not too bad. The mid-Saturday-afternoon appointments aren’t the most convenient, but you take what you can get. We’ve been very spoiled by the other therapies Maria has gotten.