Another milestone: Maria’s first 911 incident

Although she dodged a hospital stay last week, Maria was not so fortunate this week.

Sue called Cathy today to tell her Maria was having a seizure…for nine minutes. Cathy told her to call 911. By the time the EMTs shut the seizure down with Valium, it had been going on 15+ minutes. They took Maria to the ER and of course they admitted her to the PICU. Even when she wasn’t on medication Maria’s seizures never lasted more than one to two minutes.

The doctors are baffled. They did a CT scan and her shunt looks OK. They are doing blood cultures looking for infection. They are going to check with Maria’s usual neurosurgeon to see what he thinks. They bumped her dosage of seizure meds and added another one (can’t remember the name) for right now. She’s in the hospital her regular neurologist practices in so he will be able to coordinate her care rather than having some stranger do it.

The obvious question is – what changed? Maria has been on the antibiotic Augmentin for her latest respiratory thing. One of the ER doctors said she thought Augmentin had been known to lower seizure thresholds. I looked it up and as I understand it it’s actually the aspartame (artificial sweetener) they add to Augmentin which has been linked to seizure activity. That may not be the cause but considering that in addition to Maria’s usual terrible yeast infection, they decided to discontinue it.

They are going to monitor Maria overnight and see how she responds. She’s drugged to gills right now but was kind of starting to wake up when I left this evening. They did an EEG and even I could tell there were significant difference between her right brain and left brain activity, though the on call neurologist wasn’t sure what that meant. They are going to keep her on an EEG tonight and see how the trends change. Since she’s got an EMU appointment in July they are going to try and bump it up and do it now, but they weren’t optimistic about that happening.

Manolis is pretty much going to burst a blood vessel when he hears about this. He’s been back in Greece less than a week. Sue and I both said he’d want to jump on the first plane back but that would just be pointless and really, really expensive.

We are hoping this will just be a day or two, but Maria is never a day or two. Since the weekend doctors never want to take responsibility for releasing patients my guess is at least Monday before she gets out.

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