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No Cavities!

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Maria went to the dentist for her 6-mo check up and has no cavities again, which is great since they’d have to put her under general anesthesia in a hospital to fill it. If this happens, then they can also get x-rays, because there ain’t no way they could get them otherwise!

The Mama, on the other hand, went to the dentist last week, and they found a cracked molar. Not just one crack–2 vertical and 1 horizontal crack. So I have to get another crown, even though I’m not done paying for my previous ones yet. The dentist is very gentle and sweet, and I especially like that he will prescribe a valium-like drug to take before coming in–as long as you have a driver.

My week next week is like many in Maria’s past. Monday I see the nurse practitioner about the return of my mystery disease. Tuesday I see a new doc to get established (haven’t found a good primary care doc here yet). Wednesday it’s back to the dentist to start the crown. If it aint one of us, it’s the other.

It was very cold in the house this morning. Maria managed to not only get out of bed, but she got out of her pajama bottoms and her socks also. Manolis found her on the tile floor, half naked, at about 7am. Fortunately, I was sleeping with a heating pad, so he put her in bed with me and I put the heating pad on her ice cold legs. Poor sweet thing. I don’t know why she didn’t yell.

One way we’re using the Big Mac switch these days, in addition to saying “can I have a bite please”, we’ve recorded “Mama, would you come here please”, so when I’m in the kitchen or another part of the house, she can push the button and I come running. She pushed it 7 times when the speech therapist was here last week!