VDRO, Day 2

It’s been about 24 hours since Maria’s been out of surgery. I think things are going ok. She was very pale yesterday, so they tested her blood and some level was low so they gave her a blood transfusion. Her color is good now, but her face is very swollen–she looks like a little Chinese girl. Her forehead looks the same, but her chin, cheeks, nose, and eyes are all swollen. One of her hands is too. They don’t seem too concerned by it… Last night her legs were a bit swollen, so they put ice bags on them. They’re better now.

She’s been pretty much out of it (asleep) since the surgery, we could barely get her awake enough to give her her meds this morning. The difference this morning is that, although her swollen eyes were closed, she kept grabbing for me, so I had to stay close to her. Nanny Sue came today, so she’s with her now. Daddy’s coming later this afternoon, then I’ll take his car and go run a couple errands.

We’re in a new room on a new floor in a new hospital. The rooms are nice, kind of European in design. Our room is also for monitoring epilepsy, so we have a fridge–which is helpful! The bathroom w/shower is super nice and clean. The bed is so much more comfortable than the beds at St Joe’s where I was always sleeping on a big crack. This room is private, of course, has a small table and a chair, a (comfy) reclining chair with footstool, and a window with a deep window sill. Lots of floor space, cabinets, etc. They don’t provide meals like they do at St Joe’s, but the cafeteria has plenty of options. They also have great furniture in the common spaces, lovely colors, and nice artwork spread throughout; so if you have to be in a children’s hospital, Phoenix Children’s is the place to be, I suppose!

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