VDRO, Day 7

I visited Maria in the hospital today. I haven’t gone until now because we figured she’d be coming home soon and Cathy will need me more then, but now that we are headed into the second week it seemed like a good time to visit.

She slept most of the time I was there. She’d squeeze my fingers if I held her hand so she was sort of aware, and occasionally she’d open her eyes a slit to look around, but most of the time she was out of it. She frequently winced or grunted or jerked so she’s obviously in pain, and I suspect she’s not sleeping all that deeply.

She woke up after I’d been there about an hour so I tried to feed her. She took two tiny bites and then was dead asleep again. The doctors are very concerned she’s sleeping so much. We’ve told them this is what she does, but they are still pretty freaked out about it. Until she eats and takes her medicines orally, they can’t send her home. By the time I left they were talking about doing an MRI to make sure her shunt is OK, and putting in an NG tube so she’ll get some nutrition. Frankly I think they should have tubed her days ago.

She tested positive for MRSA (antibiotic-resistant staph infection), but the doctor said practically anyone tests positive for that. Still, it’s one more thing they can obsess about. We are all washing our hands a lot just to be safe.

The orthopedic team have officially declared her to be OK, so she’s the staff pediatrician’s problem now. The surgical site is fine and she seems to be healing OK. However the staff is now making plans over the next several days, so that implies they don’t think she’ll be going home soon. At this point it’s up to Maria. Until she wakes up and starts eating, she’s going to be staying in the hospital.

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