VDRO, Day 9

I’m losing track of the days and of time! Time doesn’t seem to exist the same in hospitals. I go home about every other day to shower and chill. I guess the last couple days have been ok. Maria’s eating a tiny bit more, not much though. They finally put an NG tube in so we can give her milk (formula–Nutren Jr) and stop the IV if necessary. They’re trying to change all her meds over to the tube so if the IV fails again, we dont’ have to poke her again. I can’t count the times they poked her. It’s maddening!!!

I’ve been sleeping with Maria a lot. I think she likes it. This morning, her lower body was in the middle of the bed, and her upper body was twisted to the left — I think she was looking for me because I was in the “parent bed” in the room. Her shoulder and bed were wet (from drool), so I think she was there for quite a while. Poor thing.

She’s been acting like she’s in pain a little bit more, esp in the late afternoon-evenings. We’ve been giving her non-narcotic pain meds (except for the oxycodone they gave her yesterday, which caused her to scratch her nose and eyes for HOURS. No exaggeration.) Then they gave her Benedryl, which didn’t work so well.

Anyway-the good news is she’s been acting a bit more herself–she started to pull the tube out of her nose while the milk was going in, which freaked me out. (I think the nurses are getting tired of me…). She’s been playing with the toys and smiling a bit more and her eyes have been open a bit more, but so bouncy bouncy her eyes are, so I know she’s not up to speed yet.

Cross your fingers for Friday, especially because it seems they have the back-up team on board on the weekends…. We’ve had some awesome people on the weekends, just not all of them are. Anyway, shower and back to the hospital I go!

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