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Drama For The Mama

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Cathy, apparently jealous of all the attention Maria gets, decided to have her own medical crisis this last month. Those of you who know her know she has dealt with chronic abdominal cramping most of her life. She’s been to a bunch of doctors but the only thing that fixed it temporarily was Maria’s birth, which took it away for about five years. Unfortunately it came back a couple of years ago and has been getting steadily worse. So in early December she had a hysterectomy, which wouldn’t have been so bad in and of itself but it was followed by several complications including a perforated bladder. She’s still recovering, but is doing much better lately.

Maria’s getting stronger. She’s doing a little standing and today she took nine steps, which I believe are the first steps she’s taken since the surgery in June! I was supporting about 95% of her weight, but she was taking the steps without any prompting from me. She’s shown a lot more interest in movement, doing some army crawling to get to toys and such, and she’s certainly gotten much happier than she was a couple of months ago.

It’s been a rough six months for all of us, so here’s hoping 2012 is a bit quieter. At least until the world ends in December.