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Going Back To School

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Maria’s been given the go ahead to return to school on Monday. I know she’s going to be happy about that. She gets stir crazy when she has to sit around the house all day and she’s been grumpy all week. I took her to the mall yesterday just to get her out and she perked up, especially when we went into the playground area.

Her breathing treatments have been pretty ridiculously involved but the new schedule is much more reasonable–just one treatment per day, with more if she starts showing symptoms. We can live with that.

In addition to losing her PT, her OT is making noises about the number of sessions Maria has missed. The central office is starting to enforce the cancellation schedule that says if you miss 4 sessions in one quarter then they can dump you. Maria just missed four sessions and is going to miss two more later this month. I see their point–there is a long waiting list and lots of kids in need–but it’s frustrating since it’s not like it’s Maria’s fault. I got the impression that it really comes down to the fact they are trying to get rid of the kids on DDD and treat more kids with private insurance. Less paperwork, less bureaucracy, and better rates. The OT loves Maria, of course, and will do everything she can to keep her on but it’s not up to her. Again it would be very hard to replace her because not only is she great, but it’s hard to find therapists with open slots outside of school hours.

I know I’ve said this before, but enough drama for a while. Let’s get back on schedule.