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Monday, June 25th, 2012

Maria did super awesome again at soccer this week!! This time I had my camera and have proof! I feel like I filmed Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster–that’s how proud of the video clips I am…well, I guess I’m more proud of Maria then my video, but you know what I mean… I hope this video shows you that anything is possible! Maria is with Uncle Andy, her daddy went to church to pray for her. He feels it’s been helping her lately, which is awesome.

I wanted to post another video, but it was 47 seconds, so it’s too big for this site. But you get the picture!

Maria’s 1st Goose Egg/Black Eye

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

We went to a party yesterday (“Auntie” Kim’s 50th!!) and Maria bumped her face on the counter top (she was in her wheelchair pushing and pulling away from/toward the counter). I noticed that she jumped, but she didn’t yell or anything. Then last night when I picked her up to put her to bed, I noticed a huge bump over her left eyebrow. Manolis didn’t think it was such a big deal, but of course I had to call the Blue Cross nurse, who said to put ice on it, give her Tylenol, and watch for changes in behavior, vomiting, etc. Fortunately it’s on the opposite side from her shunt.

Today she still has the bump, but it’s also starting to turn black. And, of course, because it’s Maria, it looks beautiful. It’s in a line on her eyelid, so it looks like a nice smokey eyeshadow. In fact, I think I should put matching shadow on the other eye and probably nobody would notice the injury.

Summer School (ESY)

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Maria started summer school this week–they call it ESY for Extended School Year–I still call it summer school. Her teacher called me the first day to tell me how much she enjoyed Maria and how beautiful her skin is and what a great little personality she has and all the things they’re going to do this summer. It was great! I got more from her in that short phone call than I got all last summer… Plus, her awesome aide from the regular school year got paired up with her. And her sign language teacher is going to work with her every day.

Manolis and I went to the school on Tuesday to meet the teacher and see the classroom, which has tables and chairs and desks and little stations where they read or draw or play on the computer. She showed me how they rotate around the stations from activity-to-activity. Last year’s room was tiny, no tables or chairs (leading me to assume it was only kids in wheelchairs who just sat in place all morning…).

Apparently Maria already has a little best friend who pushes her around in her wheelchair, and a little boy friend who was playing the piano for her. Thank goodness! Even though it’s only 3 hrs/day for 4 days/week for 4 or 5 weeks, it should be a pleasant and learning experience. Kudos to Deer Valley School District!!

School and Soccer

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

A couple weeks ago school ended, so Maria’s done with 2nd grade now, can you believe it? I sent Maria to school the last day so she could say good-bye and go to the party. She had a nice time and the kids were happy to see her, but she had a fever that night and the next morning. Argh!

We went to New Mexico (Albuquerque) for a few days–I had a meeting and since Maria’s out of school, she and Manolis came with me. Dad & Ida were out of town, so we stayed at The Hotel Blue, downtown. It’s a funky place! Looks ratty outside, but it’s nice and clean inside. They even upgraded us to a suite at no charge–Maria’s charm worked again! We had her wheelchair, her bike, and a bunch of stuff, as usual; the room we originally got was very small–barely bigger than the 2 beds. The suite was sooo much better, one room with a bed, and the other room was a full kitchen and lots of space; we called it Maria’s equipment room. They also had breakfast every morning and cookies every day (Yummy). I got my fill of green chile for the few days.

Tomorrow Maria’s starting summer school, they call it ESY (extended school year). Last year was fairly crappy in ESY, but I discussed it with the head person and it sounded like she was trying to make some changes. The sign language teacher is supposed to see Maria every day and we’re hoping her awesome aide is going to be her ESY aide. One of her regular school year bus drivers will be driving her to school (last year, I never even knew the bus drivers’ names). We will see. I still have some disgruntlements (like, which goals are they working on? Who’s her teacher? What am I supposed to send in? etc etc etc). Oh well, baby steps, I guess… The other good thing is that it’s at a school that’s much closer to our house, so the bus ride will be shorter.

Oh yea, soccer–today Uncle Andy and I took her to soccer. He was helping her stand up with a ball at her feet and she kicked the ball! then did it again, and again and again. She actually walked more than half of the field, kicking the ball!! And I didn’t have my stinkin’ camera. I ALWAYS bring my camera. Of course, I forgot it today. Jill made everyone leave the ball alone so Maria could kick it into the goal. It took a long time and I heard one kid say, “this is going to take forever!” to which I replied, “we’re teaching you patience.” When she finally kicked the goal, everyone cheered and clapped and Maria tried to clap, too. It was fan-frickin-tastic! So awesome! Too bad her daddy wasn’t there to see.