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The Wiggles

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Last week Nanny Sue and I went to the Wiggles with Maria. Although she was really tired, she stayed awake and engaged during the entire concert. Even when she was sitting on my lap sideways, she turned to look at the stage. We were pretty close, 10 or 12 rows back, so that was probably better for Maria, but holy moly was it crowded! We got there super early, as usual, and as we were trying to get settled in, move chairs, get Maria’s wheelchair situated, etc., the family behind us came in. It’s hard to explain, but it was difficult to try and move the wheelchair around while they were crowding us from behind. And the family in front of us were cute at first–they were SO into it!–but after a while, it was just annoying because every time I tried to get a photo, either the little girl or her mom (who was WAY to into the Wiggles for a grown woman) or her gigantic dad were in my way. But, except for ALL the pesky, rowdy children, it was fun! The show wasn’t quite as good as some of the past ones, it was more random and choppy, and they got the giggles a couple of times, and they even made one slightly sexual comment (in good fun–and don’t worry, none of the kids got it). It was quite enjoyable that way because they were having so much fun with it (it’s their farewell tour because 3 out of the 4 main guys are retiring at the end of the year).

I don’t know if it’s all the food she’s been eating or what, but Maria has just been rowdy and feisty and goofy and responding appropriately to requests sometimes. The only bad thing is we have to really watch her now–even more than before. For example, she pulled a plug out of the wall and tried to plug it back in-cute, but yikes! A couple days ago her communication device was on the couch and she had the strap and was pulling it while layign on the floor. It’s quite heavy and could probably crush her skull or do some other serious damage. And then yesterday she did the same thing, except I wasn’t watching and she DID pull it off the couch, but her guardian angel prevented it from hitting her–I don’t know how! Scared the crap out of me. She also has been getting out of bed almost every night. Last night was the first night of many that she stayed in bed.

Today is the last day the pool for special needs closed for the summer. Yes, July 29 in Phoenix the pools close. So dumb! Eight pools are open on weekends through August, but not Telephone Pioneer Park pool, dang it. Maria really enjoyed swimming this year. Now we just have the pool at Horizon therapy and at Sue’s house.

Kooza for Maria’s 8th Birthday!

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

We went to Kooza today, out at the Cardinals Stadium (it was actually in a Big Top tent in the parking lot). It’s one of the latest Cirque de Soleil shows. It was for Maria’s birthday, which was last Saturday. Can you believe she’s 8 years old?!

We sat in the front row, which was awesome. I’ve never been to one and always wanted to. It was so incredible and fantastic and amazing and whatever other adjectives you can think of. Maria didn’t sleep well last night and didn’t get a nap today, and still she was awake for most of the show. She was watching most of the time. Can’t say enough positive about it. Sometimes the front row is too close, and while this was definitely intense, it was great to be right up front. My favorite was these two guys running and jumping in these cylinders while they were spinning–hard to explain, you just had to see it. They make it look so easy, but when we got home, I tried a few of their tricks, and uh, yea. Not so much…

OMG, She Sat Up!

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Last night I was hanging out with Maria, on the floor, as usual. She was tired and laying down, in and out of sleep. All of a sudden, she pushed herself up to sitting! She’s NEVER done that before, in 8 years. Her head was down, so after shouting, “Hurray”, “Way to go”, etc., I told her to lift her head up. And she did!! OMG! Manolis was out for a walk and Nanny Sue was in her pool so she didn’t answer the phone. When I told them they weren’t quite as excited as they should have been, but they weren’t there… She has been just so alert and aware and smiley, etc. lately. (Maria. Not Nanny Sue.)