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3rd Grade

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Believe it or not, Maria started 3rd grade a couple of weeks ago. Her teacher, Susan A, seems terrific. She recognizes Maria’s personality and is honored to have her in her class. She’s big on building community. She has same special Ed teacher, same PT, maybe same OT, same speech from 2 yrs ago (we like her), same hearing teacher from pre-school–she has agreed to continue what Melissa was doing, by teaching the entire class sign language, don’t know about vision teacher-not sure how last year’s was because I didn’t get much communication from her. Also not sure about specials teachers–PE, art, and music. I don’t hear much from them.

She also has a new bus driver and aide. Jim, bus driver seems great, he adores Maria,which we love, and he seems trustworthy in an emergency. I think Janene and Joe got different routes.

One of Maria’s best friends, Tati, is in her class, but we’re all sad that Jenna is not.

We also decided to make a change with home speech therapists. We’re again seeing Monica, who has seen Maria on-and-off since she was just a baby. We’re going to work on oral-motor skills for a while, then maybe try and work in some communication again. Maria’s Dynavox Maestro is in the shop, it was over-heating.

And another change is that Manolis went back to Crete for a month or so to take care of some business and to take a little break from our crazy life. He left last night. I can’t tell how Maria is going to be. Other than that, all is well.