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Donkeys Bite

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

We went to Tucson for the weekend to hit a couple farmers’ markets and buy freshly roasted Hatch chiles. I’m sure we could have found some in Phoenix, but where is the fun in that?

On the way home we stopped to feed the ostrich(es), deer, donkeys, goats, ducks, and lorikeets. It was big fun, especially the lorikeets, because they’re beautifully colored and docile and climb all over you to eat. When we were at the donkeys, one of them bit Maria’s finger, which happens to be about the same size as the food pellets. She let out a yell and reacted more than I have ever heard her. I think it really hurt, and surprised her. It broke the skin. We cleaned it up and put neosporin on it, so hopefully it won’t get infected.

Nice place, but you really have to watch the kiddos because holy moly those animals are hungry!!

Don’t Ever Turn Your Back on Maria

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

I got a call from school the other day. Maria gets changed in the nurse’s office now because they need 2 people to lift her (so nobody strains anything). Apparently, the nurse left the room when Maria was on the bed/cot and the aide turned her back to put Maria’s vest into her backpack, and Maria did what Maria does so well these days–she flipped herself off the bed onto the floor. She’s gotten out of her bed a lot at home (before we got bars for her bed), but it’s lower to the ground and there’s a fluffy sheepskin rug on the floor. I’m not so happy about what happened, but the nurse checked Maria out and couldn’t find any red spots or scrapes or broken bones, she didn’t hear her head hit the floor, didn’t hear Maria yell, and Maria was smiling on the floor… And I checked her out, and I called the doctor and got his opinion, he told me what to look out for. I told the nurse I wasn’t super pissed about it. However–it had better never happen again. Nobody better ever turn their back on her again when she’s on a narrow cot above the hard floor, and I’d prefer they keep a hand on her at all times. I told them this was a wake-up call, Maria’s not the same girl she was last year. She’s like a cobra–fast and strong.

And how, you wonder, has Maria been doing while her daddy’s gone? Not sleeping well at all. And The Momma’s getting loopy(er than usual). But he’ll be back in a week or so, so perhaps I can get by.