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Post-op Report

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Maria had her surgery last Friday. The doctor went in to remove the hardware from the VDRO surgery a year and a half ago. It was an outpatient procedure that went fine other than one little incident. Cathy figured that as long as Maria was under anesthesia it would be a good time to swap out her g-tube. The hospital couldn’t find a surgeon to do it so they asked if Cathy or Manolis wanted to. It’s simple to do and they’ve both done it before at home. The only reason the hospital wanted a general surgeon to do it is liability. Anyhow, there was a miscommunication and Manolis went in early…when Maria was still all opened up on the operating table. Not exactly how you want to see your daughter.

Other than that little hiccup there were no problems. They asked Cathy if she wanted the hardware and she said yes. She figures maybe her artist friend, Monica, can do something creative with it. I was expecting a couple of little screws but it’s these two HUGE hunks of metal that look like they should be part of the frame of a skyscraper.

Maria’s resting uncomfortably now. She’s slept almost nonstop since then. She’s not eating much but that’s what the g-tube is for. She’s obviously in pain–wouldn’t you be?–but we are keeping her pretty drugged up for now. It’s supposedly a week’s recovery but we’re skeptical. After all the original surgery was supposed to be an 8-week recovery and it was more like 8 months.

One more thing to worry about: the doctor said two kids recently have gotten broken legs after this procedure because they were pushed too hard during recovery. Since we’ve already done that once with Maria we are going to be extra careful with her this time, even if it means really spoiling her.

Pie-Making Holiday

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

We had a quiet day–just like we like it! Maria helped me make a pumpkin pie today, that was fun! She liked playing in the dough and pumpkin pie filling and especially messing with the slimy seeds from the pumpkin and squashes! She also loves to wash her hands.

It was a non-eventful Christmas for us–we did the usual opening gifts; texted/talked with friends and family; ate turkey, etc; watched westerns; and Manolis went to church. Most exciting thing was Maria helping in the kitchen. My cough is still annoying…I think I either need to eat more chocolate or drink more tequila.

Maria was jumping a lot today–not in a good way. It was like startled jerking. It seems to me like she’s in more pain. I’ve been giving her Tylenol most evenings.

Christmas Holiday

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Maria is off for 2 weeks for Christmas–winter break, if you want to be P.C. about it. She’s been home from school the past couple days with a cold. They sent her home 2 days in a row, so I decided to keep her home since i want her healthy for her surgery. I got a wicked sore throat a couple days ago, stayed in bed all day and slept, felt a lot better, overdid it, and now it’s back with a vengeance and a side of coughing, which is hell on a sore throat.

We are starting to interview new respite people. Uncle Andy has been doing it since Maria was tiny, but she’s starting to develop a bit and I think it’s better to have a female take over. I want to be respectful of her feelings,potentially, and just think how I would feel if my uncle was changing me…

Did I mention I have a sore throat? 🙁

Attack Of The 50-Pound Girl

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Maria’s been on a growth spurt. She’s eating like crazy and getting taller. She’s up to 49 pounds and when she hits 50 we’re going to stop feeding her until she learns to walk (KIDDING!).

She’s scheduled for surgery later this month to remove the hardware from her hip surgery a year and a half ago. We are hoping that will help her pain issues because she clearly still has pain. Unfortunately since we can’t ask her what’s wrong we aren’t sure what hurts and why. However her OT says she’s known several kids who have had their pain go away when they get the hardware out. It’s supposed to be a fairly quick outpatient procedure. Her doctor doesn’t want to admit her since hospitals are full of those damn sick people so she’s much more likely to get an infection.

Other than that, not much going on as you can tell from the infrequent updates. On this blog, no news is good news.

Crabby Thanksgiving

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

We went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving because Maria’s grandparents were in Texas at Ida’s daughter’s house and Auntie Rose had company (and I’ve subject Manolis to enough family for the year…). We stayed at the El Cortez downtown. It was roomy and had a fridge, but no microwave. We tried to stay at the boutique hotel across the street (same owners), but those rooms were smaller, so they re-booked us in one of the tower rooms. Thursday and Friday nights we wandered around downtown at the Fremont Experience, which was pretty cool, but not enough on the overhead video screen to warrant staying downtown. Next time, it will be back to the Strip. And we want to find our wedding chapel to take a photo.

We ate at a couple of buffets, wandered around a bit, and went to see The Life of Pi in 3D — good movie, better book (of course). The best thing was we went to the movie theater inside the Texas Casino and there were only 2 other people in there besides us! We drove around for 2 hours (literally) trying to find a restaurant, but all the locations I found on Yelp were either closed or out of business, so back to the casinos we went. Manolis won $100 the 1st night and didn’t play anymore. Smart!

But the best thing we found out (and are thankful for), is at the Main Street Casino Seafood Buffet on Friday night, we discovered that Maria loves crab. She was eating the beans and mashed potatoes and seafood soup I was feeding her just fine, but then Manolis gave her a bite of snow crab and she liked it, so I gave her more. She kept grabbing my arm and she started kicking her feet, like she was so excited. It was the cutest thing ever! So my spoiled daughter’s daddy said we have to buy her crab once a week.

It was the 1st time I’d been on the bypass road. Although the road was busy (esp coming into Henderson) going back on Saturday, the bypass probably saved us at least an hour getting across the Colorado River. The old road was jam packed