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Real Phoenix Kick-off

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

A couple weeks ago Maria got to kick off for that pro/semi-pro soccer game. It was so much fun!! Unfortunately, I was a little nervous, so I didn’t get out the camera, therefore I have NO pictures–very strange for me. I usually snap a pic no matter what, but I didn’t want us to miss our mark or be late.

It wasn’t too crowded, but it was kinda formal-ish, or organized. For example, it cost to get in, there was an announcer (who was hard to hear), the non-players on the team were dressed in suits. The players were all super nice and friendly. Someone from the opposite team gave Maria a scarf (Las Vegas Legends) because they had extra swag, and he has a brother with CP.

When it was time, there was another kid from Maria’s soccer team with his parents and they walked out on the field with Maria, Manolis, and I. We got Maria out of her wheelchair and swung her feet, accidentally kicking the ball just a tiny bit, so I asked for a “do-over” and we did it again and did it much better. She was smiling like a monkey! She loved it! Her daddy thought it was a little weird and was feeling, maybe embarrassed? I don’t know why.

We stuck around and watched half of the game, then went home. We sat right by the window, so we got to see it when the players or the ball smashed against the window. Maria barely flinched, but she did enjoy the action!

The next day we went to Maria’s soccer game and some of the players from Real Phoenix were there. One guy told me that all people were talking about the previous night was Maria and how she kicked the ball! So cute!