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Possible Virus?

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Twice when I’ve come to this page recently I’ve gotten a security warning from Firefox about it trying to run some wacky script. More troubling was when I tried to get into the site, my password didn’t work. I got the webhost to reset it but I’m a bit concerned.

I’ve done a virus scan on the site (found one file but not part of the blog), updated WordPress (way outdated) and poked around looking for obvious culprits but nothing came to mind. I’ll keep an eye out but I recommend our regular readers run a virus scan on their computers just to be safe.

First Dental X-rays!

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Maria went to a new dentist last week. Her old place is farther away and was always super busy. And our favorite dentist left. The others were all nice, but we were looking for a change. This new one seems great–closer, quieter, and very good with special kids. The only down side is they’re not taking AHCCCS insurance anymore starting next month. The hygenist has a sister with Down’s so she was comfortable with and sweet to Maria. Then the dentist came in and was also super terrific. They seem to have advanced equipment and stuff. For example, they gave me a tablet computer to fill out the medical info, the handwriting turning into typed words. Anyway, they even managed to get x-rays! I assumed they’d have to put her to sleep. She even seemed to be having fun.