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4th Grade!

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Maria started school yesterday. 4th grade, can you believe it? We met the teacher last week and although she and Maria didn’t know each other very well, she seemed nice and Maria seemed to really perk up when she was talking to us. We saw Maria’s best friend from last year (Tia). She got Maria a birthday gift and has been hanging onto it for a couple months since we couldn’t seem to get it together this summer. Cute swimsuit and pre-teen shorts & t-shirt outfit. Maria wore the t-shirt outfit today and looked super cool. Although Tia isn’t in Maria’s class :-(, she is across the hall and told me of another girl who’s in Maria’s class and can help her out. So sweet!

Tia’s mom has a good friend who has a 5-year old son who rides Maria’s bus and goes to her school. He’s in a wheelchair and isn’t verbal. He is so cute! I’ve been talking to his mom a lot about school and what to expect and what to ask for and who to talk to. It’s been helpful for her and nice for me too. I keep trying to figure out what I’m going to do when I retire, and I’m sure there’s going to be some aspect of special needs parent mentoring in there somewhere — now if only I could find a way to get paid for it! Guess I’ll have to keep with my natural resources stuff also.

Manoli’s car finally bit the dust. It used to be Nanny Sue’s mom’s car. It is a great car, but has totally been a money pit the past year or so. We had to have it towed over the weekend (thank goodness for AAA), and the repair bill would be yet another $1800, so we decided to cut our losses. We gave Sue first right of refusal because she misses her mom and feels her through the car. She decided against it, so the mechanic is going to buy it for $300. Manolis will drive the van for a while.

And I spent another hour on the phone today still trying to resolve the last of 4 $200 charges for Maria’s doc appts from 2011, a couple of which were turned over to a collection agency. I’ve called the collection agency – which is a dead end because they’re assholes. I called the billing agency for CRS and got a guy who remembers resolving the issue in March, he was great and told me what he was going to do to resolve it. Then I called Blue Cross and they said the 3 charges on the EOB were denied and according to her (tho’ she couldn’t tell me who wrote the note or when), they’ve been paid by APIPA. That’s part of the problem — we have CRS, APIPA, AHCCCS, Blue Cross, St Joe’s, Care 1st, Who’s on first? It’s absolutely maddening!

But Maria’s doing great! She looks good, seems happy, has friends, and has been healthy, so that’s what’s important!