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Christmas 2013

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

We slept in until 9 this morning (just another benefit of having a special needs child — the ability to sleep in on Christmas!), had a low key morning. Maria opened her few remaining gifts. She has everything, so we don’t go crazy with gifts. She tried to eat everything she did get, whether it be a stuffed moose, clothing, or chocolate, didn’t matter. She does enjoy opening gifts and does it a little more purposefully each year.

Manolis gave me a beautiful silver necklace, he has such good taste, and I gave him a watch last night, so all we had to open we’re the wonderful things Maria got us from the school store. She did a good job this year! Oh, and Santa brought us an ice cream maker that we can’t wait to try!

Uncle Andy came over and we ate green chile stew w pork. Yumm! We have plenty of sweets to eat from Manoli’s job, so I didn’t even have to bake this year! And tomorrow it’s back to work for both of us.

You’ve just got to love Christmas in Phoenix–picking oranges off the tree out back, wearing shorts and flip flops, chillin’ to Christmas carols on the TV station that shows a fire burning in the fireplace–that’s the only thing you see. In fact, we found 2 channels with fires and Christmas music. So we were able to enjoy a fire on a no burn day without the heat or messy coals to deal with (but also without the lovely smell of a fire).

Next stop…Happy New Year!

Maria Takes A Tumble

Friday, December 20th, 2013

I was driving home this evening on a very busy road in my new car that I’m not familiar with, when Nanny Sue called and said Maria fell out of her bean bag chair. Maria was doing the shaky-shaky vest and Sue left the room for just a moment to get her breathing treatment medicine from the hall cabinet. Right when she walked in the room, she saw Maria fall out of the chair, not onto any of the blankets or pillows surrounding the chair, but right on the tile, on her face, on her glasses. Her glasses broke and cut her face above the eyebrow. She has a large goose egg. The cut was bleeding. I noticed a cut on her tongue from where she bit it, but that’s not too bad. It’s hard to tell if the cut needs stitches or not, I don’t think so, although it started bleeding again after I got home and Maria was pushing her head on the floor or my leg or something.

I’ve tried to see it a couple times while she’s asleep, but she wakes up when I shine the light on her — probably a good thing. Kinda looks like the goose egg is getting bigger, but probably the way she’s laying on it. Maybe when Manolis gets home from work. I told him to wake me up, then we can get a peek.

Tomorrow at school, they are doing a Christmas play — well it’s probably called a winter play or a holiday play, but she will be battered and bruised for it…

Maria and Manolis after passing the citizenship test!

Maria and Manolis after passing the citizenship test!

Oh yea, Maria’s daddy passed his citizenship test with flying colors! In 6-8 weeks will be the ceremony and he’ll be official. Maria’s passport is expired, so maybe they can get passports together!

It’s the Lungs Again, and More!

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Maria got strep again a few weeks ago. Then she got her annual upper respiratory nonsense. Now she has a very bad rash in a very bad place. I’ve been worried about it all Thanksgiving weekend, her school nurse is also very concerned, so tomorrow morning we’re heading off to the dermatologist to see what s/he makes of it. I think it’s a strep rash, some think maybe yeast infection. I hope they culture it. It looks very bad, and uncomfortable, and in the worse of areas.

Haven’t updated the blog in a while, not sure why? For Halloween, Maria dressed up as Larry Fitzgerald (for those of you living in a cave, Larry was voted most likable NFL player, or something like that. He plays for the AZ Cardinals pro football team) — she was so cute! We used her Big Mack switch to say Trick or Treat, so all she had to do was hit the switch when we went to people’s houses!

We went to a Cardinals football game. It was good, but not as exciting as the one we went to last year. Maria liked it best when the crowd went wild! It’s so funny! The next weekend we went to see Lion King. It was really good, but long, and although we had pretty good seats, I still think the stage was a bit far away for her to enjoy. Her favorite part was when the guys were in the aisles swinging birds around. It was very close to us, and with the motion, it caught her attention. She did like the African woman’s voice on stage, she perked up to that bold voice.

For Thanksgiving, we’d planned to go to NM so Maria could bond with her grandpa, but she wasn’t feeling well enough to go. I was afraid to put her in that cold weather. Maria’s daddy got a job working swing shift, so he slept Thanksgiving morning, and went to work after eating only some of our dinner (Cornish game hens weren’t ready before he left). I cooked much of the day, nothing too crazy, though, and Uncle Andy came over to hang out for a while. It will be nice for Manolis to have more money besides his small pension, but it’s been a bit of an adjustment (obviously) to have him work. Now I actually have to do something besides sit on my butt when I get home from work!