Fevers, Poop, and High Altitudes

Not necessarily in that order…

After Maria’s seizure and trip to the ER in the ambo, she was home from school for a week. Never really showed many symptoms as long as she had Tylenol. A week or two back at school and our cousin passed away unexpectedly, so we drove to Los Alamos (White Rock, really). Spent the night in Albuquerque and saw Maria’s grandpa for a short bit, then picked up Uncle Andy, who was in ABQ for work, and headed up to the 6400′ elevation of White Rock. It was super cold and windy–Maria wasn’t impressed. It seemed like the elevation was bothering her too. I don’t think we gave her enough fluids, looking back on it. We had a nice visit with our cousins, even though it was a terrible situation. We had to leave before the actual funeral, since we’d missed enough work and school.

We got back to Phoenix on Tuesday evening (after almost having to spend the night mid-way due to snowy roads and road closures), and Maria went to school Wednesday as usual. That evening, however, she had a fever of 101.5, so she had to stay home Thursday. Thursday she had a fever, so stayed home Friday. Friday she had a fever again. I went to a Feeding Conference all day Saturday and when I got home, she still had a slight fever, so I texted the school nurse to see if I should go to the doctor and she said yes. Then I called the pediatrician’s office to see if we should make an appointment (they’re open Sunday morning), and they said we should go to the Emergency Room. I called Urgent Care to see if they had an MRI and x-ray machine in case it was her shunt, and they also said go to the ER. So Saturday night, Manolis is at work, so I loaded Maria up in the van and took her to the ER.

Of course, the waiting room was packed to the gills with a line out the door to sign in. It freaked me out and I almost had a panic attack and left. They must have sensed it, because they brought me forward in front of 2 other families and got us in a room within about 3 minutes. They did a CT scan of her brain (odd, since they usually do a one-bang MRI–CT scans are much faster!), shunt series of x-rays (head, chest, abdomen), and a couple additional pictures of her stomach because it has looked distended for a couple days. They took blood and urine and put an IV in (but no fluids). Everything came out normal, so they sent us home. We got home around 1am.

CT Scan

CT Scan

Which brings us to the poop. Seems like the color of Maria’s poop has gotten more and more pale since the weekend. I noticed. Sue noticed. The aide at school mentioned it, but the nurse was too busy to look at it. So I googled it, which I rarely do, and saw something about not enough bile and potential obstruction, so I called the Blue Cross nurse again and she said we should be seen within 72 hrs, but I should call the doc first thing in the morning. Went to the doc today and of course Maria didn’t gift us with a sample today so they took blood and we should get the results tomorrow.

And on top of all that, my sweet kitty, Kijana, must have jumped off something wrong because she’s limping very badly, so I might have to take her to the vet.

And in the middle of all that, Manolis had a gusher of a bloody nose (6 hrs of gushing. so gross) before we left for NM and we had to take him to the ER, which confused Maria because it’s usually all about her and this time it wasn’t. Good lesson, I suppose?

We hope the nonsense is behind us. This Sunday, we’re looking forward to going to the batcave! Maria was nominated/invited by a non-profit agency to be the honored guest at an exact replica of the 70’s series Batman’s Batcave. They have the real BatMobile, a BatCopter, and all sorts of other fun things. They offered us a ride in a limo, but I think we’ll just take our silly ol’ van. Don’t want Maria to get a big head! We invited some of her school buddies, so there will be almost 30 of us! Fingers crossed that the poop thing isn’t any big deal…

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