Chronic Pancreatitis?

Pediatrician got the blood test results back and Maria’s pancreas enzymes were a bit off. She is going to explore chronic (not acute) pancreatitis with the GI doc. I liked it up (as I did with pale colored stools) and again was reminded why I don’t look stuff up on the internet. I don’t need that panic-inducing information, thank you very much.

There was something interesting about metabolic blah blah, which is what we are exploring with her optic nerve atrophy. Maybe it’s all related?

Neuro doc upped Maria’s seizure meds. He’s pleased she was seizure free for so long, wasn’t happy about a 20+ minute seizure, however. Said she looks good. She does look good, all 76 pounds of her.

Today after occupational therapy, again, she looked pale and tired. She does great in therapy, then crashes in the afternoon. I told Chris if we end up in the ER today, I’m going to blame it on her because it’s always on a Saturday…

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