Botox and Bowels

Nice title, huh? Monday Maria got a bunch of botox in her hamstrings (esp the left side) and her abductors (mostly the right side, I think). You’d think it’d get easier to watch your child get put to sleep (they use a gas mask), but it doesn’t. It was super quick — only 20 minutes or so, and she woke up quicker than usual, which is great.

They didn’t say much about pain, mostly just about fevers. So, of course, Maria seemed to be in lots of pain Tuesday and Wednesday. We went back in to “the botox doc” as I call her (she’s a physiatrist), and after checking Maria out, she thinks the pain is from poop (constipation). She felt lots of stool in Maria’s belly and seemed concerned, so she sent her for an xray — the 3rd or 4th one of her belly for poop in as many months. They take the xrays, then I never hear back. botox shots

The interesting thing though, is rather than prescribing Miralax, like all the other docs do, she said Maria’s lower intestinal muscles and sphincter (TMI, I know) are really tight, so you can shove a bunch of stuff in from above, but it doesn’t help if it can’t get out. So her suggestion was a Dulcolax suppository. And guess what? It worked like a charm. She wants us to do it every other day. Maria seems to be feeling better.

Can’t tell yet whether the botox is working. Her legs do seem a little looser. It takes about 2 weeks for it to be fully effective. So we will see if it’s going to be worth all the angst. Part of Maria’s issue might have been she was feeling my angst.

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