Last Day of 5th Grade

It’s hard to believe that Maria is done with 5th grade. Gulp. Less than a month and she’ll be 11. I went to her class “party” and was one of only 2 parents. All they did was eat pizza and ice cream and get rowdy while the teacher ignored them. I actually saw a kid running across the top of the desks and she didn’t even notice. She was fine I guess, but not well organized and didn’t seem to have that much to do with Maria or communicate much with me — and that’s big for me! Her other 5th grade teacher was good –friendly, organized, emailed, etc. She said really nice things about Maria and gave her really good (too good) grades. I didn’t have much communication with the special ed teacher this year either. Odd. But I guess that’s ok. The ones I talked with the most were the paraprofessionals (the ones who are with her all day) and the school nurse.

The kids wrote super sweet things in Maria’s yearbook – mostly the girls. I can see the attitudes starting to emerge from some of the kids’ not-so-sweet personalities. I think it’s only going to get worse as they get older, but there are still enough sweet ones to make it good.

On Tuesday, they did the awards ceremony and class performance. Each of the 3 5th grade classes performed a dance to a song. Maria’s class was probably the least polished. They kept changing their mind about what song to do, and finally picked the song the morning of the performance (as I said, the teacher is not so good at managing her class). Apparently they did better when they performed for the whole school. Somebody videotaped it and will post it to the school website. I’ll add a link when they do it.

Looks like Maria is getting into the United Cerebral Palsy’s summer program, which is great! It’s a great program, June 1-July 31. M-F 8:30am – 12:30pm. They provide transportation. They just gave me the paperwork today and I have to get doctor’s notes, get the state disability division to change her Individual Service Plan, right when our service coordinator is no longer there. She was great, and is going to be missed, but since they haven’t re-assigned us yet to someone, I’ve called and emailed about 4 or 5 people to make the change. She can’t go until that’s done. Nothing ever gets done with 1 phone call. So annoying! But they have a great reputation when you finally get the kid in there -they take them out in the community, they play, they learn, lots of activities, and it’s a 1:3 ratio (1 adult, 3 kids), which should work for Maria.

And I took her to the dentist today. FINALLY got her attention about how jacked up Maria’s teeth and mouth are getting. She has 3-4 adult teeth coming out the sides of her gums, so they’re not properly pushing down and out the baby teeth. So she wants to pull 8-10 teeth. I didn’t get dental insurance for Maria because it’s so expensive, and the place we go no longer takes her Medicare, so for the first quadrant, it will be more than $600. But we have to do it. Her mouth is really getting crazy. Our appt to pull 2-3 teeth and seal the molars (to protect against decay) is next week, I think. (plus I have a follow-up mammogram in the morning, and have to go over the MRI results for my ankle on Monday-yikes-and it’s been a year since Maria got her hormone implant, which they said lasts a year, and it just goes on and on with nary a breather).

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