Baby Teeth – 3 down, 4 to go

I finally got the dentist to pay attention to Maria’s teeth. She had at least 4 adult teeth poking out the sides of her gums while the baby teeth were loose, but staying put. One of the baby teeth on that “famous” upper left side that she’s constantly pushing on with her arm or hard plastic toys or whatever she can jam against her jaw seemed to be moving and sitting at an awkward angle. She played with it a lot with her tongue.

Anyway, we’re doing 1 quadrant at a time — pulling baby teeth and sealing the molars — starting with the 3 in the upper left. Next week we’ll do 2 more, then 1, then 1. Yikes! The first estimate she gave me was Holy Moly Expensive because we don’t have dental insurance for Maria, but somehow they were able to get the medical insurance company to pay a lot of it (and I think they reduced the price somewhat), so now her whole mouth will be less $ than the original estimate for the 1st quadrant. whew!

She got the first 3 out last Thursday. She did so good! Hardly jumped at all. She seemed less nervous than I was, perhaps the 5 ml Valium I gave her? We’ll see how she reacts when we go back next week. 2 of the 3 were super loose. 1 of them had a pretty long root still (of course I always keep her teeth). It’s amazing how quickly young gums heal! And behind the deep-rooted one, the adult tooth already started poking through the next morning!

Now that a week has gone by, things seem to be settling down with Maria’s Summer Program. She seems happy when she comes home. I’m developing a relationship with the teacher and the bus driver (who is also in the classroom). They’re seeing Maria’s personality come out. Patience and perseverance is what it takes to be a special mom.

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